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Bet Midrash Tamid works with the recognition that in-depth and serious Torah study at set times belongs not just to the young people in yeshiva, ulpana and midrasha; Torah study can be and must be continued within all the cycles of life and within the framework of community life.


The learning group which turned into Bet Midrash Tamid, began with the weekly gemara shiur, which took place in the home of HaRav Mayer and Michal Lichtenstein in the Nofei Aviv neighborhood in Bet Shemesh in 1998.  The members of the group have continued to learn together from that time forward (besides several short breaks). As time passed, it became clear that the spiritual needs of the group necessitate a widening of the activities beyond one weekly class. In Tishrei 5755 (2004), Bet Midrash Tamid was established.


The Bet Midrash has a variety of torah activities during the week and strives toward establishing a framework for learning gemarah, tanach and Jewish thought for the various communities in the city, based on their joint spiritual world and joint learning. All classes of the Bet Midrash are open to all those seeking Hashem, men and women (separate seating).


The activities of the Bet Midrash are in Bet Knesset Faigenshon (Nofei Aviv neighborhood), on the corner of Shoshan and Narkis streets, Bet Shemesh. The classes begin immediately after Maariv, at 20:15.


Current Learning Schedule


 1.      Tamid” – The set classes are on Tuesday evenings and are composed of 2 parts:

a)       20:25 – chapters in the thought of HaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik
b)       20:50 – gemara class. This year we are learning the seventh chapter of Masechet Sota. 
These classes are given by the head of the Bet Midrash, HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein. Before each class, a source sheet is sent to the email distribution list, allowing preparation for the class at home.
2.       Bet Midrash L’TanachSeveral times a year, there are tanach classes on Tuesday evenings between 20:30-21:45 (in place of the usual classes). During the years 2007 and 2008, these classes were given in conjunction with Michlelet Herzog. As of 2009, these classes will be given exclusively within the Bet Midrash framework. Information on these classes is sent to the email distribution list.
3.       Musaf” – There are occasional classes given by top-notch visiting Rabanim.
4.       B’shivtecha U’bvetecha” – Source sheets are sent to the email distribution list before holidays in order to facilitate learning about the upcoming holiday, at home.


All classes are given in Hebrew.


You are invited to join our activities!


HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein


HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein, the founder and head of Bet Midrash Tamid, is an alumnus of Yeshivat Har Etzion and holds rabbinical ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. HaRav Mayer teaches in Bet Vaad L’torah in Har Hevron – Otniel, and lectures in the department of Torah Sh’bal Peh in Michlelet Herzog. In the past, HaRav Mayer taught in Yeshivat HaKibbutz Hadati in Ein Zurim, in the Advanced Talmudic institute in Matan, and in Bet Midrash “Chevruta” in Hebrew University, Jerusalem. HaRav Mayer holds an M.A. degree of the Talmud department of Hebrew University.


HaRav Mayer is known for his clear presentation which combines an in-depth analytic approach according to the Brisk tradition, which he learned from his family and teachers together with exacting textual analysis, with use of philological methods, broad knowledge base and methods available today. He is the son of HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein Shlita and the grandson of the great and revered teacher of Israel, HaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik Tz”l.


HaRav Mayer is married to Michal and they live with their children in Bet Shemesh.


Past Activities:


1.       Special Activities: A partial list of guest speakers includes HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein, HaRav Yehuda Amital, HaRav Yakov Meidon, HaRav Shlomo Brin, HaRav Zvi Rimon, HaRav Dani Tropper, HaRav Yona Goodman, HaRav Daniel Mann, HaRav David Spector, HaRav Eliezer Shenkolevski.
2.       A partial list of guest speakers for the tanach classes includes HaRav Elchanan Samett, HaRav Yoel Bin Num, HaRav Yuval Cherlo, HaRav Chanan Porat.
3.       Partnership with the yeshiva high school of Shaalei Torah for a summer bet Midrash for the youth in the summer of 5766.


Partners in our Endeavors


Our thanks to those who have helped us on the way:

  1. Midreshet Bet Shemesh
  2. Bet Knesset Faigonson and it’s rav, HaRav Eliezer Shenkolovski
  3. HaRav Yehoshua Berman, who gave tanach classes in the Bet Midrash in the years 5965-5966
  4. Bet Knesset Netzach Menashe which hosted the activities in the year 5965-5966
  5. The department for moreshet yisrael in the Bet Shemesh Municipality, headed by Shalom Lerner on the support which they provided for the Bet Midrash Tanach program
  6. Richard Levitas of PBCS Technology for creating the website.
  7. Esther Marcus and Simon Wolf for developing the website. 


Contact Us


Feel free to contact on any issue relating to our Bet Midrash at: info@bmt.org.il




Your contributions will enable us to continue our activities and initiate new programs.


You can sponsor an evening of learning and dedicate it to honor someone or the memory of someone.


The evenings of tanach classes are open to the wider community and are offered free of charge. The cost of the classes is covered by contributions and dedications of classes in memory of contributors’ dear ones.


All financial issues are handled by Midreshet Bet Shemesh. All contributions are tax deductible in Israel and in the United States.


In Israel:

Checks should be written to: Midreshet Bet Shemesh. 

Please enclose a note specifying that the contribution is for Bet Midrash Tamid.

Donations can be given to HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein or sent directly to:

Midreshet Bet Shemesh

Shvil HaEshel 24

Bet Shemesh


In the United States:

Checks should be written to: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. 

Please enclose a note specifying that the contribution is for Amutat Midreshet Beit Shemesh.

Donations can be given to HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein or sent directly to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607

New York NY 10017 USA


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